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Its gonna be a long day

Ok So Mr Reyes is exactly as dumb as you all think he is. I have had this study guide for mye xam tomrrow but have I dont it NO

So I just popped some adderal so i can get it done. Then off to sleep.

Going to the pro pro tonight for the last rockbox which is going to be super fun cause Um we are gonna trash that place.

after that, no sleeping I have to take CARLA to the fuckin airport ( and of course its not hobby cause that would just make it a bit too easy on me dont you think)
at 5am. Which she is already starting to protest becasue her flight doesnt leave till 730 whatever the fuck she isnt going to be the one who is stuck in traffic on the way back home.

Ugh serioulsy days like this make me wish i still did drugs so it wouldnt be that hard to stay awake.

Ugh murder is life.

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