Ori (h3av3nlyboi) wrote,

what is it really

Is it just me, or is this not what I really wanted.

The people I've started to associate myself with are still the same but I find myself bored with them already. I didn't seek them, they just came and I really thought this was what in the cards.

I'm over it.

I'm always bored.
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I've been writing this in my journal for the past month. I didn't have the balls to write it on a public forum because all my friends would be like "Wtf, I'm not boring you... you boring bitch."

I hope I'm not boring. I'm just not there. And you are not here. This is the beginning of a very sad story.

I hope it has a happy ending. Mmm, happy endings.
Serioulsy thought. We were sitting around talking enjoying a drink and the conversation was pathetic all i could think was " Do i really know these people" " this is gross, i cant believe I know people this lame"

but its been like that with a lot of people ive been with as of lately.

You arent boring. When i actually do get to see you its like the best thing ever. A sad sad story indeed my lady.