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Giving this another go

3/29/09 was my last entry, and the sad part about it, is that I'm in the exact same spot as I have been a year before that post.

everyone around me has moved on to that next stage in life, however I am still stuck here. True there have been some setbacks that have happened to me, but there are people who are able to get out of that funk and manage to make things work for the better. APPARENTLY THAT JUST ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.

this year has been the absolute worst and finally after getting a grip on things and having things finally work in my favor they have one again fallen to shit.

My whole intention of restarting on lj is to have proof from how far down I'm at right now, to finally taking things into my own hands and doing what it is that needs to be done. No guarantee that I will finally get my shit straighten out and graduate and move on like how everyone else around me has managed to, at best be shocked if I even manage to get myself back into a therapist office.

Maybe turning 24 will make me get off my ass and become the functioning person I can/should probably be?

we'll just see.
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